TOP² has been in the fashion business for many years. We are always focusing on selecting the very best items for its customers.
TOP² has 4 multi-brand stores covering more 2,500 square meters. TOP² is renowned for its carefully selected collections across menswear, womenswear, kidswear, shoes and accessories.
We are committed to creating a pioneering management group of luxury brands in China.

Our services are spread all over the world. The countries we serve include Italy, France and other European Union countries, as well as the United States, Canada and other countries.
The company's business scope covers:
1. Outdoor advertising and advertising layout services: a full set of outdoor advertising services and advertising layout services tailored to customers, can effectively enhance brand awareness;
2. Commercial management of licenses for others' goods and services: Authorize others to use trademarks;
3. Price comparison service;
4. Goods import and export agency: provide goods import and export agency services;
5. Third-party promotion: product promotion on third-party platforms;
6. Personnel placement and recruitment:
7. Administrative processing of purchase orders;
8. Tax preparation;
9. Sponsorship search: It can provide sponsorship services for people or companies in need;
10. Packaging design;
11. Dress design;
12. Software and website design;
13. SAAS consulting;
14. Providing search engines.